Make net-snmp listen to IPv6 address

The Zenoss installation added its own server into the devices list as a default.  However, it is having trouble reading snmp values from itself.  Performing snmpwalk via the Zenoss web interface results in a timeout error.

The snmpwalk command used by Zenoss uses the IPv6 loopback address ::1.  I switched this to the IPv4 equivalent and the snmpwalk worked fine.

It turns out, the snmp agent, net-snmp, only listens to IPv4 addresses by default.  Some changes need to be done to the net-snmp config file.

The following lines need to be added to /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf:

agentaddress udp:161
agentaddress udp6:161

#       source          community
com2sec   notConfigUser  default         public
com2sec6  notConfigUser  default         public

Restart snmpd and it should now listen to IPv6 as well.

# service snmpd restart

2 thoughts on “Make net-snmp listen to IPv6 address

  1. Hi,

    There are cases when it will not work your above how to.
    Should be like this:
    agentAddress udp:
    agentAddress udp6:::1:161
    #agentAddress udp:
    #agentAddress udp:

    com2sec local localhost test
    com2sec local test
    com2sec local test
    com2sec6 readonly localhost test
    com2sec6 local localhost test
    com2sec6 local 2001:470:6e:30::2 test

  2. 1. What are the following two lines for?
    com2sec notConfigUser default public
    com2sec6 notConfigUser default public

    2. Is there any document explaining the usage of directives in snmpd.con?

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